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Which equation has like terms that can be combined to 8x?
a) 7x + 5x -4 = 8
b) 6x + 2y -2= 20
c) 6x + 2x -5 = 19
d) 4x + 7 + 1 = 28

Which expression has a constant of -5?
a) 5x +1
b) 5x-1
c) x+5
d) x-5

Which expression has a coefficient of 5x
a) 5x +1
b) 12x + 5
c) x/5 + 3
d) x-5

Balancing an equation means that you ___________.
a) Get rid of the variable
b) Combine like terms
c) Perform the same operation on both sides of the equation
d) Make all numbers positive

What is the solution?
a) what you do to the problem
b) the answer to the problem
c) the letters in the problem
d) the numbers in the problem

Terms that have the same __________ are called 'like' terms
a) coefficient
b) constant
c) operator
d) variable

How can you simplify an expression?
a) By using inverse operations
b) By combining like terms
c) By balancing both sides
d) By transforming the terms

The number that is by itself with no variable is the __________.
a) coefficient
b) constant
c) operator
d) solution

Another word for change is _____________
a) balance
b) isolate
c) solve
d) transform

An expression that has both numbers and variables is __________.
a) algebraic
b) balanced
c) numerical
d) positive

Each group of variables or constants separated by an operator is a ___________.
a) coeeficient
b) constant
c) operation
d) term

Inverse operations are used so that the variable is _______ on one side of the equation.
a) balanced
b) isolated
c) solved
d) transformed

An equation is two expressions that are ________
a) equal
b) less than each other
c) greater than each other
d) unequal

The variable in an expression or equation is represented by a __________
a) letter
b) number
c) operation
d) positive

Which type of expression has no variable?
a) algebraic
b) balanced
c) negative
d) numerical

A positive number is _____________.
a) greater than zero
b) less than zero
c) equal to zero

The 'verb' in the sentence that tells whether to add, subtract, multiply or divide is the _____________.
a) coefficient
b) constant
c) operation
d) term

Which equation has a solution of 20?
a) x/5+3 = 17
b) x/4 -5 = 0
c) x/5 - 3 = 10
d) x/10 + 4 = 11

Which equation would use the inverse operation of adding and multplying to solve?
a) x/5+3 = 11
b) x/10 - 10 = 15
c) 4x + 5 = 33
d) 4x + 7 + 1 = 28

Which equation has 3 terms on the left side?
a) x/5+3 = 17
b) 4x + 1 = 5x-1
c) 6x + 2x -5 = 19
d) 9x + 3 + 5

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