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Which of these cause slow changes to Earth's surface?
a) erosion
b) volcano
c) hurricane
d) earthquake

Which of these is a property of rocks and minerals?
a) hardness
b) loudness
c) speed
d) pitch

What occurs when Earth's plates move sideways past each other?
a) a mountain forms
b) a volcano forms
c) an earthquake
d) a hurricane

Rapid changes to Earth\\\'s surface can be caused by earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides
a) and erosion
b) and glaciers
c) and weathering
d) and avalanches

Soil is made up of
a) humus, sand, air, and water
b) rock, humus, sand, and clay
c) rock, clay, water, and dirt
d) dirt, glass, twigs, and bones

If you classify a mineral as dull and dark, you are describing the mineral\\\'s
a) streak
b) color
c) luster
d) shape

Which of the following events could be the result of many days of continuous rainfall?
a) landslide
b) higher tides
c) earthquake
d) volcanic eruption

What is one benefit of a volcanic eruption?
a) removes plants and animals in the lava\\\'s path
b) releases toxic gasses to kil damaging insects
c) removes buildings that have changed the environment
d) creates rocks that plants and animals can use

Which characteristic below is NOT part of the description of a mineral?
a) formed from living materials
b) regular, repeating patterns of particles
c) created in nature
d) a solid material

Rocks can NOT be weathered or eroded by
a) wind
b) fire
c) water
d) plants

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