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Which example is a form of nonverbal communication?
a) talking
b) crossing arms
c) singing

At what age would Brittany be considered an adult in the United States?
a) 16
b) 18
c) 21

Quanesha needs a personal reference for her job application. What should she do?
a) Call her teacher to get permission.
b) Leave the reference blank.
c) Use her boyfriend’s name without permission.

How should Audrey learn work skills?
a) Get training at high school or community center.
b) Go shopping at the mall.
c) Get training on the television.

What is the first step to begin a job search?
a) Find transportation to the job.
b) Fill out an application.
c) Take an interest inventory.

What is a good source to find job openings?
a) the internet
b) a library book
c) a football game

What should Jeff wear when going to a job interview at a grocery store?
a) shorts and a tee shirt
b) a shirt and tie
c) a sweat suit

What should Michelle tell a person who is interviewing her?
a) What she hates to do.
b) How much time she wants off.
c) What she can do well.

Who would be a good person for Ralph to use as a reference?
a) a relative
b) a friend
c) a teacher

Latasha needs her high school transcripts for her new job. Who should she call?
a) Her high school English teacher.
b) Her high school job coach.
c) Her high school counselor.

Which items belong in a job placement portfolio?
a) community service activities
b) the phone number to EEOC
c) transportation

Juan has an interview at a grocery store. How can he find directions to get there?
a) use a bus schedule
b) use a map
c) watch the news

Why do job applications ask about previous experience?
a) To find out if a person is dependable.
b) To find out how to spell the person’s name.
c) To find out the social security number.

Roy needs transportation to his new job. He lives on a bus route. Which is the most independent choice for transportation?
a) Ride with a friend.
b) Ride with a co-worker.
c) Ride the bus.

What should Larry do if he is going to be late for work?
a) Do not go to work at all.
b) Get to work when he can.
c) Call his boss and tell him he will be late.

Luther needs to finish stocking the shelves before the end of the work day. What should he do to finish on time?
a) Work slowly and not worry about it.
b) Tell his boss that he just can’t do it.
c) Work hard to finish the task on time.

What is okay for Maria to discuss during lunch time with co-workers?
a) It is okay discuss the co-worker that she hates.
b) It is okay to discuss her supervisor’s bad breath.
c) It is okay to discuss her trip to the beach.

What should Mark do when his supervisor tells him that he will be fired if he is late for work again?
a) Mark should curse at his boss.
b) Mark should set his alarm clock to leave earlier.
c) Mark should try to finish his work faster.

What are behaviors that will help Crystal become successful at work?
a) respect and good attendance
b) punctuality and conflict
c) good attendance and tardiness

What should Chris do when his boss gives him a new task?
a) complain
b) complete the task
c) find a new job

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