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Susan B. Anthony was a reformer focused on
a) abolition
b) women's suffrage
c) immigration
d) prohibition

Reformer known for work in prisons and mental institutions
a) Dorothea Dix
b) Elizabeth Cady Stanton
c) Cary Chapman Catt
d) Sojourner Truth

Event that contributed to MOST to end of Knights of Labor
a) Triangle Fire
b) Pendleton Act
c) Haymarket Square Riot
d) Homestead Strike

What business strategy might a late 1800's Industrialist use to form a monopoly?
a) Create a Joint Stock Company
b) Use Horizontal Integration
c) Make a contract with labor unions
d) Nationwide Advertising Campaign

W.H. Hearst said about Cuba - You provide the pictures, I'll provide the war. - What technique was Hearst using?
a) Muckraking
b) Censorship
c) Yellow Journalism
d) Transcendentalism

Why did Theodore Roosevelt build the Great White Fleet?
a) To compete with the Russian Navy
b) To help him win the Nobel Prize
c) To protect US trade interests in Japan
d) To establish the US as a world naval power

How were Civil Liberties threatened during World War I?
a) The creation of the Dawes Plan
b) The creation of the military draft
c) The restriction of free speech
d) The joining of the League of Nations

What group benefited most from reforms passed during the Progressive Era?
a) industrial workers
b) African Americans
c) Native Americans
d) Big Business

Which of the following was NOT of the US following WW1
a) Return to Isolationism
b) Growing Nativism
c) Fear of Communism
d) Increasing Role in World Affairs

What evidence shows the prosperity of the 1920's was an illusion?
a) Prices on consumer goods decreased
b) Overseas investment declined
c) Income gap between managers and workers decreased
d) Many people increased their debt

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