Quarter Test 3 Question Preview (ID: 1721)

Review For Third Quarter Social Studies Exam.

What was the difference between a peasant and a serf?
a) The serf was free to come and go but the peasant was bound to the land.
b) The serf owned their land and the peasant did not.
c) The peasant was free and rented land to farm, but a serf was bound to the land.
d) The peasants did not have to work as hard as the serfs.

What code gave us the basis for western ideas of good manners?
a) code of chivalry
b) code of bushido
c) code of manners
d) area code

What is the holy book of Islam?
a) Koran
b) Bible
c) Torrah
d) Dead Sea Scrolls

What was the main purpose of the castle in the Middle Ages?
a) to provide a warm and comfortable place for the lord and his family to live
b) to be a fortress from which the lord could rule and protect his lands
c) to provide a place for the serf's to live
d) to be a courthouse and meeting place

Who was bound to the land they farmed in the Middle Ages?
a) peasants
b) lords
c) serfs
d) knights

What was the purpose of the Inquisition?
a) to root out heresy
b) to punish the peasants and serfs
c) to spread Christianity
d) to create torture devices

What did the Germanic tribes that invaded Europe after Rome fell do?
a) established many small kingdoms
b) created a centralized government
c) spread Islam
d) destroyed the Roman Catholic Church

During the Middle Ages, why wasn't there a middle class?
a) Most people did not want to work.
b) Most of the people were Kings and nobles.
c) Most people had to live and work where the church told them to.
d) Most people lived and worked on manors instead of towns.

Why were the Crusades important?
a) Trade opened up once again between east and west.
b) The Crusaders won the Holy Land.
c) Europe became isolated from the east?
d) Everryone converted to Islam.

Who held the political power within a feudal territory?
a) serfs
b) peasants
c) knights
d) nobles

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