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Most drawings done with instruments start from:
a) Parts drawings found in catalogues.
b) Models of a proposed object.
c) Sketches provided by engineers or designers
d) Blueprint drawings for manufacturing.

What is the advantage of using pencil-sight sketching technique?
a) Makes the sketch pictorial.
b) Provides a sketching grid.
c) Aids in keeping correct proportion.
d) Makes the sketch perspective.

Which term describes a location in space?
a) Surface
b) Line
c) Plane
d) Point

What is the path between two points called?
a) Point
b) Surface
c) LIne
d) Plane

What is a flat or non-flat element created from curved lines?
a) Surface
b) Texture
c) Line
d) Plane

What types of sketch is typically used for an object with very little thickness?
a) Multiview
b) Pictorial
c) Single view
d) Isometric

What is the purpose of a PICTORIAL sketch?
a) Properly use drafting tools
b) Save money on paper
c) Quickly explain an idea
d) Learn to draw better

PERPENDICULAR is BEST described as two or more lines that:
a) Intersect each other.
b) Are 90 degrees to each other.
c) Are always the same distance apart.
d) Taper towards each other.

What asked to BISECT line or an arcs, you are dividing an object into:
a) Two unequal parts
b) Three smaller parts
c) Two equal parts
d) Two equal line widths

PARALLEL is BEST describes as two or more lines that:
a) Are 90 degrees to each other
b) Are always the same distance apart
c) Taper in towards each otherr
d) Intersect each other

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