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Walking or riding along twisting, turning paths
a) tight rope
b) catch
c) maze
d) hoop walk

Mimicking the actions of another child
a) Mirror game
b) target toss
c) tight rope
d) long jump

Bringing a parachute down around one child while another child runs beneath it
a) balance beam
b) catch
c) target toss
d) long jump

Standing motionless when touched by one certain child
a) Freeze tag
b) maze
c) catch
d) balance beam

Trying to leap across two ropes laid parallel on the ground
a) catch
b) long jump
c) freeze tag
d) tight rope

Teachers help eliminate_____by showing respect for all people regardless of appearance or abilities
a) Bias
b) Facilitate
c) open-ended
d) manipulative

A teacher who ____play encourages children to think creativiely about how to use play materials
a) manipulattive
b) facilitates
c) teachable moment
d) close-ended

Watching two children pretend to be farmers in the dress-up area, a teacher asked them what foods they might grow on their farm. The teacher had recognized and capitalized on a ____________.
a) close-ended
b) manipulative
c) teachable moment
d) bias

_________, such as snap beads and clay, help children refine fine motor skills while stimulating creativity.
a) manipulatives
b) open-ended
c) bias
d) close-ended

_________materials help teach children to achieve a certain goal by following directions
a) close-ended
b) teachable moment
c) open-ended
d) facilitates

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