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Where are the human eye cells that perceive visible light and color located?
a) pupil
b) retina
c) optic nerve
d) iris

What design principle is considered when a student makes sure the items on a page are weighted evenly?
a) rhythm
b) proportion
c) texture
d) balance

What is texture?
a) 3-D volume
b) illusion of white space
c) nature materials surface
d) different wavelengths that make up a color

Which design principle is considered when a student shows the size of an image compared to other images?
a) proportion
b) texture
c) rhythm
d) value

Which is not a principle of design?
a) balance
b) color
c) rhythm
d) proportion

What is not part of the electromagnetic spectrum
a) radio
b) X-rays
c) infrared
d) MRI scan

What is an example of rhythm?
a) simple circle design
b) picture of a dog
c) image of a house
d) repeated images

What design element is used to create a visual surface on an orange
a) rhythm
b) texture
c) space
d) balance

Which is NOT a part of visible lignt in the electromagnetic spectrum?
a) red
b) violet
c) ultraviolet
d) green

In a design, what type of balance is symmetrical?
a) economical
b) functional
c) informal
d) formal

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