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What type of network would be located in a classroom?
a) WAN
b) ROM
c) LAN
d) RAM

Which computer device uses a diode laser to read information?
a) digital camera
b) hard drive
c) scanner
d) cd-rom

What type of memory speeds up the action performed by the computer and anticipates instructions?
b) cache
c) ROM
d) RAM

One million bytes of information equals a:
a) GB
b) ZB
c) MB
d) KB

How is the processor speed measured in a computer?
a) Gigabyte
b) dots per inch
c) gigahertz
d) Ram

Which type of network connects workstations usually within the same company or building by telephone lines or radio waves?
a) WWW
b) LAN
c) WAN

What processor would be the fastest?
a) dual core
b) i7
c) i3
d) i5

Which unit of computer memory is correctly matched?
a) 1GB(gigabyte)= 1000 bytes
b) 1MB(megabytes) 1000 bytes
c) 1KB (kilobyte) 1000 bytes
d) 1TB(terrabyte) 1000 bytes

Which is true concerning a byte in computer memory
a) six bytes make a bit
b) made of 8 bits
c) smallest memory unit
d) a byte is smaller than a bit

A low resolution monitor image would be
a) 640 x 480
b) 1600 x 1200
c) 2400 x 4800
d) 800 x 600

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