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Which is NOT an example of plagiarism?
a) buying a paper off the internet and claiming it as your own
b) turning in the same paper for different classes with permission of the teachers
c) having a friend write the paper for you
d) placing a copy of a drawing from the internet into the paper

Fair use limits usually include the term:
a) whichever is less
b) displays of work
c) cheating
d) trademarks

According to the Fair Use law, how many minutes of a 20 minute video can be used?
a) 20
b) 2
c) 1
d) 3

Which action would break the fair use limit law?
a) three minutes of a three minute video from the internet in a presentation
b) a digital image from a digital camera in a presentation
c) three minutes of a thirty minute video from the internet for a presentation
d) a 3D image a student created in his/her presentation

According to the Fair Use law, how much of a 15 minute song can be used?
a) 15 seconds
b) 30 seconds
c) 15 minutes
d) 90 seconds

What term is used to describe the illegal copying of copyrighted material
a) fair use
b) cracking
c) hacking
d) infringement

What behavior would NOT break the copyright law concerning an original work?
a) display the work publicly
b) listen to the work
c) perform the work publicly
d) make copies of the work

When is playing games on a school computer an acceptable activity?
a) the activity supports e-commerce
b) games are part of the curriculum andteacher directed
c) the student is wearing earphones
d) the student has completed his/her assignment

What term gives owner protection for 'original works of authorship'
a) acceptable use
b) fair use
c) plagiarism
d) copyright

What CANNOT be copyrighted?
a) sound recordings
b) architectural works
c) pictures and graphics
d) discoveries

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