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The BEST example of a teachable moment in science or math is:
a) describe an object using math terms
b) identifying and discussing the parts of an apple at snack time
c) have children guess how tall you are
d) pointing out a flower when you are outside

science and math activities commonly enhance all of the following skills EXCEPT:
a) self-help
b) problem solving
c) observation
d) eye-hand coordination

Growing plants is a valuable science project for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:
a) represent the life cycle
b) They illustrate aspects of the food chain
c) Their slow growth requires sharp observation skills
d) they can be found in many different settings

The question that BEST demonstrates how math integrates with real life is:
a) How many plates do we need to serve breakfast?
b) What shape is that toy?
c) How many kittens do you see?
d) Why do you think dogs growl?

Rearranging telephone numbers from smallest to largest
a) ordering numberals
b) experimenting
c) rational counting
d) recognizing shapes

Placing a golf ball and a ping pong ball in a tub of water to observe the results
a) sorting
b) experimenting
c) seriation
d) recognizing shapes

Making a separate pile for each type of animal cracker found in a box
a) sorting
b) making a hypothesis
c) ordering numberals
d) rational counting

Searching for circular objects after the teacher holds up a paper circle
a) experimenting
b) making a hypothesis
c) recognizing shapes
d) seriation

Predicting that, if an egg turns blue in blue dye, and egg will turn red in red dye.
a) making a hypothesis
b) recognizing numerals
c) recognizing shapes
d) sorting

Lining up balls in this order: ping-pong ball, tennis ball, softball, beach ball
a) seriation
b) sorting
c) rational counting
d) ordering numberals

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