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What are the variable(s) in: 3g + 4x + 9
a) g
b) x
c) 9
d) g and x

What are the coefficent(s) in: 5x + 9y + 12
a) 12
b) 5 and 9
c) 5, 9 and 12
d) there are none

What are the term(s) in: 4x + 12y + 65
a) 65
b) 4x and 12y
c) 4x, 12y and 65
d) there are none

What are the constant(s) in: 45y + 6z + 8
a) 8
b) 45 and 8
c) 6 and 8
d) 45 and 6

What is the word for letters that represent an unkown number?
a) opposite
b) coefficient
c) variable
d) term

Which word is the number in front of the variable?
a) coefficient
b) variable
c) integer
d) constant

Which word is the numbers in an expression without variables?
a) coefficient
b) term
c) constant
d) evaluate

Which word is the part of an expression that is seperated by an addition sign?
a) constant
b) coefficient
c) variable
d) term

What are the variable(s) in: 3a+ 5x + 6y
a) a
b) a, x and y
c) x and y
d) a and y

What is the coefficient for a in: a + 6b + 12
a) no coefficient
b) 6
c) 12
d) 1

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