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What is the main benefit of a telescope in space compared to a land-based telescope?
a) There is more light available to an orbiting telescope
b) stmosphere will not block the view in the orbiting telescope
c) orbiting telescopes usually contain stronger lenses
d) orbiting telescopes are less expensive

What type of object can best be seen under a light microscope?
a) purple
b) opaque
c) transparent
d) metal

What process is used to help compare the DNA of parents to their children?
a) gel electrophoresis
b) light microscopy
c) remote sensing
d) x-ray crystallography

What medical technique is used to view soft tissue in the human body?
a) electron microscope image
b) x-ray
c) Magnetic resonance image
d) GPS

What medical technique is used to view bone in the human body?
a) x-ray
b) gps
c) hologram
d) mri

What process was used to help discover the structures of DNA?
a) telescopes
b) light microscopes
c) x-ray crystallography
d) remote sensing

Which microscope has the greatest magnification power?
a) light
b) stereo
c) electron
d) reflecting

How to x-rays work?
a) lasers produce 3D images of bone but not tissue
b) magnets are used to create pictures of bone and tissue
c) rays pass through tissue but not the bones
d) computer simulates 3D images of bones and tissue

What type of image includes MRI and CAT scans?
a) medical
b) remote sensing
c) holographic
d) industrial

What is a primary application of DNA science?
a) holograms
b) paternity testing
c) global positioning
d) medical imaging

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