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Good nutrition and regular exercise can help a person acheive:
a) Fitness
b) Friends
c) Intelligence
d) Money

Before beginning a fitness program:
a) Check with a physician
b) Hire a oersonal trainer
c) Join a fitness center
d) Join a weight loss program

Amanda realizes that an effective fitness program consists of good nutrition. To practice this, she should
a) Become a vegetarian
b) Eat a wide variety of foods
c) Eliminate milk from her diet
d) Reduce her fiber intake

The BEST guideline to follow for maintaining a healthy wieght is to exercise and eat:
a) A lot of foods with fiber.
b) Grapefruit with every meal
c) One big meal each day.
d) Reasonable portions of nutritious foods.

When comparing weight between indviduals of the same height, remember that usally:
a) Males and females weigh the same
b) Muscular inviduals weight more
c) Teens weigh more than adults
d) Those with large bone stucture weigh more.

Which does not imapact healthy weight
a) Age
b) Bone Structure
c) Gender
d) Personality

Lowered resistance to infection, reduced muscle strength, and ,malnutrition are associated with:
a) Ideal weight
b) Muscle weight
c) Overweight
d) Underweight

Which factor often contributes to being overweight?
a) Eating breakfast
b) Eating high fiber foods.
c) Low calorie intake
d) Physical inactivity

What happens if a person eats the same amount of food as an adult that he/she ate as a teen?
a) May become malnourished
b) Weight will probably stay the same
c) Will most likely gain weight
d) Wil probably lose weight

Jim wants to lose 12 pounds. What could he do to acheive his goal?
a) Develop healthful eating and exercise habits
b) Eat foods high in sugar and fat
c) Eliminate bread from his diet
d) Reduce the amount of fiber he eats

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