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Which type of map gives information about flight paths?
a) aeronotical
b) road
c) topographical
d) organizational flowchart

Which is an example of a concept map?
a) topographic
b) road
c) weather
d) spider

Which invention brought images from around the world into the home?
a) radar
b) x-rays
c) microscopes
d) television

What was the earliest recorded example of visualization?
a) cave drawing
b) road map
c) photograph
d) MRI

Which map shows the location of DNA units?
a) floor plan
b) gene
c) topographical
d) aeronautical

Which concept map presents information in a descending order of importance?
a) Venn diagram
b) organizational
c) Hierarchy
d) spider

Which example of data gathering by remote sensing is used for a visualization?
a) data collected from experimants
b) demographic data
c) data collected from satellites
d) data collected in the classroom

Which map shows the location of the rooms in a new house?
a) topographical
b) aeronautical
c) floor plan
d) spider

What is the purpose of a gene map?
a) shows the location of specific genes
b) physical representation of the cell
c) represents pictures of plastids
d) explains floor plans for buildings

Which map gives information about the physical layout of an area?
a) aeronautical
b) road
c) organizational flowchart
d) spider

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