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A Review Game For Quarter Three.[print questions]

The most appropriate response to a child's artwork is:
a) I think the cow should be bigger than the chicken
b) I like the way you blended the red and yellow
c) This is better than the last one
d) Why don't you draw something other than shapes

All of the following statements are true of the role of play EXCEPT:
a) Play should include both open-ended and close-ended materials.
b) Play can help children learn to follow directions.
c) Play can help children develop creativity.
d) Play offers a physical and emotional break from learning activities.

A child who scolds a doll for misbehavior shows how dramatic play provides opportunities to demonstrate:
a) physical development
b) emotional development
c) intellectual development
d) moral development

A significant difference in the dramatic play of toddlers as compared to preschoolers is:
a) It is rarely sociodramatic
b) It is based more on fantasy
c) It more accurately reflects degrees of development
d) It depends more on teacher interaction

Dramatic play for school-age children differs from that of preschoolers in that:
a) School-age children tend to enjoy performing for others
b) School-age children benefit more from dramatic play
c) School-age children gradually lose interest in dramatic play
d) School-age children generally prefer watching experienced actors rather than participating in dramatic play themselves.

An example of the BEST way to begin exploring the community with children is:
a) a film about the post office
b) a special visit from a librarian
c) a walk to a nearby park and back
d) a bus trip through the business district

The MOST effective way to teach children about cultural diversity is:
a) including a menu from a local Chinese restaurant in the dramatic play center
b) inviting a foreign exchange student to prepare a popular food from home with the children
c) displaying pictures of people celebrating holidays in other countries
d) showing a travel film of a popular Caribbean resort

The primary aim of a well-planned social studies curriculum for young children is:
a) to guide children toward community helper careers
b) to make children aware of the differences among people
c) to instill a sense of respect for self and others
d) to offer an educational advantage when the children begin school

All of the following are apropriate environmental concepts for a preschool social studies curriculum EXCEPT:
a) how rivers helped shape the landscape of the continent
b) how the weather in their area affects the clothing they wear
c) why certain plants grow well in their region
d) why some animals live in nearby woods but not in the city

The most important concept about families that a social studies curriculum can teach is:
a) Individuals and societies need strong families to be happy and productive
b) Traditional nuclear families provide the best experience for children
c) Different cultures have different expectations for family members
d) There are many different types of families

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