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Diabetes is a result of what?
a) Pancreas not producing enough insulin
b) Pituitary gland not producing enough insulin
c) Pancreas not producing enough cortisol
d) A result of simply eating too much sugar

Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) is produced where?
a) Hypothalamus
b) Pituitary Gland
c) Thyroid
d) Pituitary Gland

If there was a decreased blood volume, ADH would do what?
a) Increase level of water reasorbed in the kidneys
b) Create more blood
c) Stop urination completely
d) Reduce amount of sweat being produced

An example of a steroid hormone is?
a) Testosterone
b) Insulin
c) Growth hormone
d) Glucagon

What is the difference between steroid and protein hormones?
a) The structure and functions of them are different in many different ways!
b) They just have different names, nothing else!
c) Steroids hormones are harmful and protein hormones are essential.
d) Steroid hormones are made of chains of amino acids and protein hormones are made of cholesterol.

Hormones are...
a) Chemical messengers
b) A component of blood
c) Only found in the small intestines
d) Are only responsible for growth and development

The hypothalamus, pineal gland and reproductive organs are all a part of the endocrine system.
a) True
b) False

How is Addison's disease treated?
a) Hormone replacement
b) Its untreatable
c) Sugary
d) Changing diet

Gigantism causes what?
a) Excessive growth in height and size of organs
b) Extra big arms and legs
c) Enlarged heart
d) A person to grow to a maximum of eight feet

The endocrine system plays an essential role in maintaining homeostasis
a) True
b) False

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