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What is the meaning of the following vocab: precipitation.
a) The weather of a particular area.
b) Water that comes from the sky.
c) The average weather over a period of time.
d) The water in the lakes and rivers.

The Spooksville in the Transylvania region has an average temperature of 30 oC and an average annual precipitation of 300 cm. What biome would the Spooksville be from?
a) Tropical Rainforest
b) Boreal Forest
c) Grassland
d) Desert

What is the average temperature of a Grassland biome?
a) ~ –17 to 15 oC
b) ~ 0 to 31 oC
c) . ~ –10 to 30 oC
d) ~ –20 to –15 oC

What is the average preciptiation of a Tundra biome?
a) ~ 200-260cm
b) ~ 25-210cm
c) ~ 0-35cm
d) ~ 0-80cm

Which of the following is NOT a correct abiotic/biotic interaction?
a) rocks and sand
b) sun and plant
c) air and bird
d) grass and insect

Which of the following is an example of a biome?
a) road
b) tropical desert
c) cave
d) mountain

What is the correct order of biomes in terms of Precipitation? Lowest--------------------------------Highest
a) Tundra - Desert - Temperate Deciduous Forest
b) Tundra - Temperate Deciduous Forest - Desert
c) Desert - Tundra - Temperate Deciduous Forest
d) Desert -Temperate Deciduous Forest - Tundra

Which biome does the following description match the biome below? Climate is the coldest biome and is very dry Features is always ice, Location the North and South Pole
a) Permanent Ice biome
b) Tundra biome
c) Boreal Forest biome
d) Grassland (Temperate) biome

Which of the following factors is biotic?
a) soil
b) sunlight
c) spider
d) stone

What is the meaning of the following vocab: biome.
a) All of the Earth.
b) Any part of the planet Earth that has something living on or in it.
c) A part of the biosphere that has unique climate; geology; plants; animals and soil.
d) A community of organisms and their habitats.

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