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Action or conduct by one of the parties which affect the other party
a) Deeds
b) Behaviour
c) Manner
d) Events

A defence of a divorce
a) Defendant
b) Protection
c) Petition
d) Answer

To make void or invalid
a) Annul
b) Null
c) Void
d) Reject

An annual payment of a sum of money
a) Yearly Payment
b) Disimbursement
c) Annuity
d) Compensation

An order for maintenance pending suit, financial provision orde, property adjustment order etc.
a) Annuity
b) Ancillary Relief
c) Means of support
d) Legal Aid

Written statement setting out financial position and sworn or declared before a commissioner for oaths/solicitor or court officer empowered to administer oaths
a) Affidavit of means
b) Written Declaration
c) Means for Oaths
d) Statement of Means

Adjourn for an indefinite time
a) Suspend Proceedings
b) Postponement
c) Deferment
d) Adjournment sine die

Postpone or suspend the hearing of a case until a future date
a) Adjurn
b) Adjournment
c) Ajourn
d) Annul

Place of Residence
a) House
b) Locality
c) Dwelling
d) Abode

Final, complete, without conditions
a) Conclusion
b) Absolute
c) Decision
d) Ending

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