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What is the function of colostrum?
a) Is low the fat
b) Contains immunological properties.
c) Seals the infant's intestine.
d) 2 and 3

What is witch's milk?
a) Is a normal occurrence
b) Is not a normal occurrence
c) Newborn infant secreting milk
d) 1 and 3

How can you tell if your baby is getting enough milk when breastfeeding?
a) Your baby has at least six wet diapers a day
b) Your baby has several bowel movements each day
c) Your baby steadily gains weight
d) All of the above

Breastfeeding is not recommended for mothers who have:
a) Hepatitis C
b) Tuberculosis that has been treated
c) Diabetes
d) HIV

How many extra calories a day should you get when breastfeeding?
a) 100
b) 200
c) 500
d) 1000

Which of these medications should you avoid while breastfeeding?
a) Birth control
b) Cold remedies
c) Pain relievers
d) All of the above if you haven't checked with your health care provider

How does breastfeeding help the mother?
a) Breastfeeding helps you get back to your normal weight
b) Breastfeeding reduces your risk for ovarian cancer
c) Breastfeeding increases bone strength
d) 1 and 2

Which hormone makes your body produce milk?
a) Estrogen
b) Prolactin
c) Progesterone
d) Insulin

Besides protecting your child against disease, what is another advantage of breastfeeding?
a) Breast milk is easier to digest than formula
b) Breast milk doesn't need to be prepared
c) Breast milk is free and readily available
d) All of the above

Breastfed children are less likely to have:
a) Diarrhea
b) Ear infections
c) Pneumonia
d) All of the above

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