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Choose which point of view applies to the following:
a) first person
b) second person
c) third person
d) none

When two words are combined using an apostrophe, we call it an
a) interjection
b) contraction
c) conjunction
d) preposition

All of the following are examples of a ____. can’t, I’m, won’t, they’re
a) contractions
b) conjunctions
c) prepositions
d) interjections

The attitude of the author toward the subject is called
a) style
b) mood
c) tone
d) attitude

Choose the word that best describes the tone of the following sentence: When Mrs. Sheffield graded her English exams, she discovered that almost every student passed.
a) proud
b) upset
c) worried
d) stressed out

Choose the word that best describes the tone of the following sentence:
a) happy
b) sad
c) scary
d) depressed

Choose the word that best describes the mood of the following sentence:
a) happy
b) sad
c) bored
d) excited

In order to be complete, a sentence must have a ____.
a) noun and verb
b) preposition and noun
c) verb and adverb
d) noun and adjective

___ are incomplete sentences and should be avoided when you are writing.
a) fragments
b) run-on
c) conclusions
d) introductions

Tammy was in her backyard climbing a tree. She climbed to the middle part of the tree. Before she knew what had happened, bees were swarming all around and over her. Tammy let out a blood curdling yell. Infer what you believe happened.
a) The nest fell
b) Bee's stung her
c) the bee's made honey
d) she fell out of the tree

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