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What type of research is intended to obtain detailed data about customers' opinions and experiences?
a) Sampling
b) qualitative
c) observation
d) forecasting

Advertising that promotes the support a bank gives to community projects is __________ advertising.
a) promotional
b) prestige
c) institutional
d) service

What research option usually answers questions related to how many?
a) Intelligence
b) quantitative
c) syndicated
d) economic

Determine whether the following is a true statement: It is important for the promotional message to be factual.
a) False, it must only be memorable.
b) True, it should alter facts as necessary.
c) False, it need not be based on facts.
d) True, it must be based on facts.

What is new technology enabling businesses to create that is impacting the promotion function?
a) Personalized premiums
b) Attractive commercials
c) Publicity campaigns
d) Individualized messages

What is an example of advertisement stereotyping ?
a) A television commercial depicts a woman mopping the kitchen with a new floor cleaner.
b) A print ad shows a middle-aged male pouring orange juice for his children.
c) A magazine ad campaign presents a variety of people who encourage others to drink milk.
d) A well-known athlete records a PSA that emphasizes the importance of continuing education.

What research approach do businesses often use to test new product ideas?
a) Questioning
b) technological
c) recording
d) experimental

In which stage of a product's life cycle do promotional activities focus on differences between competing products?
a) Introductory
b) growth
c) declining
d) introduction

Which statement is true about regulating international promotional activities?
a) Most countries have a system of checks and balances to verify that promotion regulations are fair.
b) Businesses must submit all promotional materials to the International Ad Coalition for approval.
c) Governments bear the sole responsibility of monitoring promotional materials and regulations.
d) A business must understand that the laws governing promotional activities vary by country.

Which of the following best describes the relationship of promotion and marketing:
a) Subsidiary
b) Interrelated
c) Dependent
d) One to one

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