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What question does establishing a sampling plan for a research project answer?
a) What type of product to study
b) How many people to survey
c) When to conduct an interview
d) Why the issue is important

What is an example of a secondary source of data that a business can obtain internally?
a) Trade journal
b) Sales report
c) Government web site
d) Magazine article

What is an example of publicity?
a) Company news release
b) Direct mail
c) Billboard
d) Company television commercial

Why are there specific guidelines for advertising to children?
a) Research indicated that juvenile offenders watched more advertising on television than the average child.
b) Children are impressionable, and the wrong kinds of advertising can affect their development.
c) Parents mounted a campaign against advertisers because their children demanded products they saw advertised.
d) Children revealed, in focus groups, that while they like watching ads, it doesn't make them behave differently.

Which advertising message reinforces the concept of materialism?
a) We make this product by hand and use organic materials.
b) The government rates our product higher than our competitor's product.
c) You can increase your social status by purchasing this product.
d) For more information about our line of products, visit our website.

What is an example of an external factor that affects promotion?
a) Reorganization of the business
b) Increase in a product's price
c) Government regulation of ads
d) A change in distribution

What type of research would a business conduct if it wanted to identify potential issues or opportunities?
a) Descriptive
b) Experimental
c) Exploratory
d) Casual

Some governments regulate promotional activities in their countries to protect consumers from
a) unnecessary media exposure.
b) inconsistent selling strategies.
c) deceptive advertising.
d) unlimited liability.

What is an objective of institutional advertising?
a) To support personal selling activities
b) To demonstrate the organization's role in community affairs
c) To introduce new goods or services.
d) To create customer interest in the company's goods or services.

When marketers sampled 100 15-year-old girls, they found that they all were 5 feet 2 inches tall. What type of sampling error contributed to this finding?
a) Non-response
b) Interviewer bias
c) Chance
d) The way the question was asked

What form of promotion is generally emphasized for complex, technical products sold to industrial users?
a) Personal selling
b) Sales Promotion
c) Publicity
d) Advertising

A business has identified a sample of the population that it plans to survey to determine who is using their product in a foreign country. What research design should it use?
a) Exploratory
b) casual
c) descriptive
d) experimental

A university is considering changes to its business administration degree. To obtain feedback on the idea from students, the university selects a sample of business majors who are seniors. What type of sampling did the university use?
a) Cluster
b) Proportionate
c) stratifies random
d) simple

What type of promotion is depicted by a business's one-time announcement of its half price sale in the local newspaper?
a) Product promotion
b) Institutional advertising
c) Free publicity
d) Sales promotion

Banner and pop-up ads impact the way audiences receive promotional information. These types of messages exist because of the following technological development:
b) Euronet
c) URL
d) Internet

How do competing businesses within the same industry usually react to each other's promotional mixes?
a) By playing follow the leader
b) By reducing their promotional budgets
c) By trying not to outdo each other
d) By changing distribution channels

How does promotion benefit customers?
a) Causes them to postpone making buying decisions
b) Enables them to identify their buying decisions
c) Helps them to select appropriate products
d) Requires them to spend more on products

The TUV Company wants to conduct marketing research by surveying a sample of its vast customer base. What should companies use to reduce the possibility of bias?
a) Personal interviews
b) Telephone Interviews
c) Referral sampling
d) Random sampling

How have technological advancements enhanced a small business's ability to promote its products?
a) Most companies need fewer channels to coordinate and carry out promotional activities.
b) Small companies now have more money to spend on promotional activities.
c) Less time and creativity are required to develop effective promotional campaigns.
d) Information can be communicated by more venues, and messages can be customized.

Which of the following situations most accurately depicts a promotional ethical issue in relation to children:
a) A television commercial portrays preschool-age children eating breakfast.
b) A print ad in a national teen magazine shows a girl modeling fashionable outerwear.
c) A radio spot announces an upcoming concert for preteens during the morning time slot.
d) A newscast teaser televises graphic film clips of a war zone during prime-time viewing.

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