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What happened to Churches during the Great Awakening?
a) Interest in Church stopped
b) Many were split into separate Churches
c) The Churches became larger
d) There is no such thing as the Great Awakening

What are school paid for by taxes?
a) Dame
b) Private
c) Public
d) Charter

Who was arrested for criticizing the governor in the newspaper?
a) John Peter Zenger
b) Ben Franklin
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Alexander Hamilton

What was the first American college?
a) Yale
b) William and Mary
c) Harvard
d) Rutgers

What is a belief that problems can be solved through human reasoning?
a) The Englightenment
b) Human Rights
c) Divine Rights
d) The Great Awakening

Who was a main figure in the Enlightenment in the colonies?
a) Johnathan Edwards
b) Jacques Marquette
c) Ben Franklin
d) Thomas Edison

What is someone who learns a trade working with someone in the colonies?
a) Apprentice
b) Expert
c) Novice
d) Governor

Who influenced ideas about natural rights?
a) Martin Luther
b) John Locke
c) King George III
d) Oliver Cromwell

What is the belief that kings had the right to rule by the permission of God?
a) Divine Right of Kings
b) Manifest Destiny
c) The Enlightenment
d) The Great Awakening

What happened to African culture as slaves were brought to the colonies?
a) It disappeared forever
b) The slaves did not bring culture
c) It carried on through traditions such as Gullah and the Banjo
d) The Christian religion was developed

What is a belief that one race is superior to another?
a) Prejudice
b) Racism
c) Discrimination
d) Inequality

What was the name for the passage of a slave from Africa to the colonies?
a) The Middle Passage
b) Triangular Trade
c) Navigation Acts
d) The Great Migration

What is someone who trades their service in exchange for passage to America?
a) Slave
b) Colonist
c) Apprentice
d) Indentured Servant

What restricted the colonists rights to trade and made sure that England would benefit from trade with the colonies?
a) Navigation Acts
b) Merchantilism Acts
c) North American Free Trade Agreement
d) Triangular Trade Acts

What were schools in the south that taught reading and writing?
a) Public
b) Private
c) Dame
d) Charter

Where did most colonists live?
a) Small farms
b) Big Plantations
c) Crowded cities
d) Busy towns

What document first addressed the idea that English citizens had rights?
a) Magna Carta
b) The English Bill of Rights
c) The Declaration of Indepence
d) The Constitution

What are rights that belong to all people from their birth?
a) Natural Rights
b) Divine Rights
c) Civil Rights
d) Human Rights

What is a journalist's right to publish the truth without punishment?
a) Freedom of Religion
b) Freedom of the Press
c) Freedom to Organize
d) Habeus Corpus

What were the laws that regulated a slave's behavior and treatment?
a) Slave Codes
b) Navigation Acts
c) Intolerable Acts
d) Triangular Acts

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