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Reproduction is not necessary for an individual organism to survive but it is necessary for the survival of
a) extinct organisms
b) male organisms
c) each type of organism
d) female organisms

The largest organ in the human body is the skin which is also called the integumentary system. it has two functions which are
a) waste removal and transportation of nutrients
b) protection and sensory awareness
c) movement and protection
d) waste removal and sensory awareness

This organ system carries nutrients throughout the body so that specialized cells can perform specialized functions. This body system is the
a) digestive system
b) integumentary system
c) circulatory system
d) respiratory system

The excretory system is connected to other systems, such as the circulatory system and the digestive system. The excretory system's primary function is to
a) get rid of wastes
b) get nutrients to the cells
c) exchange gases
d) protect the other systems

The skeletal system and muscular system work together to do which job
a) maintain posture
b) maintain temperature
c) enable you to move
d) protect vital organs

Which is the main job of the endocrine system?
a) help you grow
b) send messages to your body through hormones
c) keep your blood healthy
d) make you mature

Jontea has gone into cardiac arrest, meaning that her heart has stopped beating. Which best summarizes the effect this will have on her body's cells?
a) her blood would stop circulating and her cells would not get needed oxygen
b) her blood would circulate but only through pulmonary circulation
c) her blood would circulate but only through the systemic circulation
d) There would be no affect at all because the heartbeat affects only the blood, not the body's cells

Identify the statement that accurately describes the job of the immune system.
a) the immune system attacks bacteria and viruses to maintain homeostasis
b) the immune system attacks red and white blood cells
c) the immune system allows for the forming of blood cells when you get cut
d) the immune systems permits viruses to enter the body

Which job of the skeletal system is most important to maintaining homeostasis?
a) shape
b) movement
c) protecting vital organs
d) posture

Your muscular system helps you maintain homeostasis by making you shiver. When you do this, it is your body's way of
a) doing an involuntary movement
b) maintaining temperature
c) getting you to have better posture
d) shivering has nothing to do with the muscular system

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