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The revolutions of 1848 were widespread across Europe and were inspired by
a) the establishment of permanent democracy in the Holy Roman Empire
b) the desire for democratic reforms and national self-determination
c) the installation of Louis Phillippe as emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
d) the demand that women be granted the right to vote

Which was established by the Berlin Conference of 1884 and 1885
a) the procedures for purchasing African lands from local rulers
b) the rules of military engagement for European forces overseas
c) that Africa would be carved into spheres of influence similar to China
d) that a European power that occupied a territory it indicated its intention to occupy, it could claim that territory

A late 19th century passage describes China as the fish and meat on other men's carving knife and serving dish. What two events inspired this passage?
a) The Opium War and Boxer Rebellion
b) Mau Mau uprising and adoption of apartheid
c) Sepoy Mutiny and the Salt March
d) Haitian Revolution and Cortes' March on Mexico City

Which was the motive for 19th century European imperialism?
a) to improve technology and benefit the economies of foreign nations
b) to strive for world peace
c) to relieve Europe of its overcrowded population
d) to benefit from the goods and resources of foreign countries

According to J.A. Hobson, how did imperialism affect Africa?
a) foreigners helped the continent by finding its valuable minerals
b) foreigners took the citizens out of the country to work as slaves
c) foreigners used the most fertile land and took wealth out of the country
d) foreigners helped the continent by providing the citizens with high-paying jobs

During the 19th century, Europeans were able to divide China in spheres of influence mainly because the
a) Chinese were eager to adopt Western culture
b) Europeans had technologically superior military forces
c) Europeans were willing to adopt Chinese customs
d) Chinese lacked raw materials and resources

Both the French and the British were interested in controlling Egypt in the mid-19th century because Egypt had
a) control of the spice trade
b) an industrial-based economy
c) vital mineral resources
d) a strategic location

Which condition is most necessary to the process of industrialization in society?
a) dependence on subsistence agriculture
b) creation of a one-crop economy
c) availability of investment capital
d) capture of foreign lands

According to the theories of Karl Marx, history can be viewed as a
a) succession of famines that result in the destruction of civilizations
b) repeating cycle of imperialism and colonialism
c) listing of the accomplishment of the ruling classes
d) continuous struggle between economic classes

Before a nation can begin to industrialize, the nation must first develop
a) a democratic government
b) a rigid class structure
c) a strong religious foundation
d) an adequate food supply

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