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Which statement reflects Romesh Dutt's views of the impact of imperialism on India?
a) imperialism helped the people of India improve their barter system
b) imperialism helped the people of India by advancing and modernizing their government institutions
c) imperialism harmed the people of India by replacing their traditional culture through modernization
d) Imperialism harmed the people of India by weakening their administration

Which reason was a pull factor for many immigrants coming to the United States between 1780 and 1850?
a) job opportunities
b) political oppression
c) colonization
d) overpopulation

How did the Industrial Revolution affect economic relationships among nations?
a) It created political alliances among nations with resources
b) it promoted a greater degree of interdependence among nations
c) it increased the standard of living for all nations
d) it generated more isolationism among nations with economic resources

Which summarizes the main characteristics of a traditional economic system?
a) central government control, central planning, price controls
b) diplomacy, labor participates in managerial decisions
c) private ownership, social control of division of labor
d) direct trade, no competition, relies on customs

Joseph Schumpter once stated that innovations are normally the creation of business people. With which economic theory did his statement agree?
a) socialism
b) traditionalism
c) capitalism
d) communism

Who encouraged the proletariat to start a revolution to overcome the abuses of the capitalist system?
a) Charles Darwin
b) Karl Marx
c) Nicolo Macchiavelli
d) John Locke

Which best describes how the Industrial Revolution impacted the population in Europe during the 19th century?
a) the population became numerically dominated by the landed aristocracy
b) there was an overall rapid growth with most of it occurring in urban areas
c) the population remains steady until the 1830s but then decreased
d) the population of Europe was dramatically reduced due to the Great Famine

Which is an accurate statement about the partitioning of Africa by European imperialist nations during the 1800s?
a) new nations were based on old tribal boundaries
b) the cultural and ethnic diversity of the African people was disregarded
c) the continent was divided equally among the colonial powers
d) African unity was encouraged

After 1880, European nations sought colonies in Africa primarily because the Europeans were
a) in need of land for their surplus protection
b) competing for raw materials and markets
c) determined to bring Christianity to the Moslem world
d) interested in completing their geographic knowledge of the world

During the 1840’s China signed “unequal treaties” with Western nations mainly because
a) China had won the Opium War
b) Western nations had superior military technology
c) Leaders in China favored expansion
d) China had requested economic assistance from the West

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