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Without acknowledging any of his classmates' help, Jeremy repeatedly told everyone about the things he alone had accomplished.
a) conceited
b) funny
c) popular
d) considerate

Larry sat all day in front of the TV and never even got dressed.
a) daring
b) funny
c) lazy
d) rude

Sam knew she had to go home and feed the animals before she could go sledding with her friends.
a) cowardice
b) silly
c) tough
d) sense of duty

Hailey knew that her brother would take care of her during the week her parents were gone.
a) cautious
b) obedient
c) trusting
d) dreamy

When Max thought his pet turtle was sick because he wasn't eating his food, he made an appointment with the vet.
a) modesty
b) responsible
c) cruelty
d) proud

Acting just like a class clown, Jared went into school with all his clothes on backwards.
a) silly
b) evil
c) pride
d) evil

Give Joann a group of people and she will make them laugh.
a) vengeful
b) lazy
c) deceitful
d) witty

Mom and Dad allowed Heather to go to the movie without them as long as she didn't go to a scary movie, but she watched a very scary movie.
a) deceitful
b) intelligent
c) shy
d) modesty

The teacher rarely saw Matt smile, and he rarely joked around with the other children.
a) neat
b) serious
c) careless
d) selfless

Frank was afraid to tell his friends he didn't want to see the movie they were excited about watching.
a) cowardice
b) selfless
c) dreamy
d) cruelty

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