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lines on a globe that run north and south, or vertical
a) longitude
b) latitude
c) equator
d) cartographer

lines on a globe that run east and west, or horizontal
a) latitude
b) longitude
c) prime meridian
d) compass

A disease caused by a vitamin C deficiency
a) scurvy
b) compass
c) isthmus
d) equator

sailed for Spain; looked for Fountain of Youth gold; discovered and named Florida
a) Juan Ponce de Leon
b) John Cabot
c) Henry Hudson
d) Jacques Cartier

sailed for Spain, looking for sea route to Asia; First person to sail across Atlantic Ocean; credited with discovering America, although he never landed on American shores
a) Christopher Columbus
b) Jacques Cartier
c) Henry Hudson
d) John Cabot

sailed for France; faced the shallow waters of St. Lawrence River; claimed Eastern Canada for France
a) Jacques Cartier
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Henry Hudson
d) John Cabot

sailed for England; faced stormy Atlantic and damaged ship; discovered Newfoundland
a) John Cabot
b) Jacques Cartier
c) Christopher Columbus
d) Henry Hudson

sailed for Spain, seeking treasure and land to claim for Spain; First to see the Pacific from the Americas; Charged with Treason and beheaded by Spanish ruler
a) Vasco Nunez Balboa
b) John Cabot
c) Jacques Cartier
d) Christopher Columbus

sailed for England, looking for northwest passage; crew threatened mutiny; river in New York named for him
a) Henry Hudson
b) Vasco Nunez Balboa
c) John Cabot
d) Jacques Cartier

the 0 degree line of latitude that crosses our planet in the middle
a) equator
b) prime meridian
c) latitude lines
d) longitude lines

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