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Teresa was told by her doctor that her unborn baby has XY chromosomes. What does this information tell you?
a) The baby will be a boy.
b) The baby will be a girl.
c) The baby will be born with down syndrome.
d) The baby will look exactly like his/her father.

The Thompson family has four daughters. What is the probability their next child will also be a girl?
a) 25%
b) 0%
c) 100%
d) 50%

In guinea pigs, brown fur (B) is dominant over white fur (b). Design a Punnett square to demonstrate the possible outcome if a purebred brown guinea pig is crossed with a purebred white guinea pig. What genotype would be possible?
a) white fur
b) bb
c) BB
d) Bb

In pea plants, the tall trait is dominant. If a purebred tall plant crosses with a hybrid tall plant, the offspring will be -
a) 75% short, 25% tall
b) mostly short
c) all tall plants
d) 50% tall, 50% short

If the genotypes of the offspring are 25% WW, 50% Ww, and 25% ww, what are the genotypes of the parents?
a) WW and WW
b) ww and ww
c) ww and Ww
d) Ww and Ww

What could represent the genotypes of an organism?
a) Wrinkled, gY
b) Tall, red
c) Rr, TT
d) Tt, green

Genetic engineering has helped produce many different types of vaccines. Vaccines are used to-
a) improve protection against a particular disease
b) enhance the movement of a particular disease
c) locate the first source of a particular disease
d) change the genetic make-up of a particular disease

Which of the following is NOT an inherited trait?
a) blood type
b) hair color
c) reading ability
d) eye color

Modern genetic engineering began in 1973 when Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen used enzymes to cut a bacteria plasmid and inserted another-
a) strand of RNA in the gap
b) single gene into the gap
c) strand of DNA in the gap
d) pair of chromosomes into the gap

Rosalind Franklin created the above X-ray to examine the -
a) structure of DNA
b) alleles of DNA
c) chromosomes of DNA
d) division of DNA

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