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The Great Compromise
a) divided up the powers between the federal and state governments.
b) created a two house legislature.
c) ratified the Constitution.
d) helped solve the problem of slavery.

An Antifederalist
a) wrote the Federalists Papers.
b) Supported the Constitution without a Bill of Rights.
c) wrote common sense.
d) Would only support the Constitution if a Bill of Rights was added.

The Articles of Confederation were weak because
a) the federal government did not have enough power.
b) the state governments did not have enough power.
c) it did not allow the United States to divide up land out west.
d) it did not establish guidelines to elect Congress.

Political Parties in America developed because
a) Opposing views on what should be written in the Declaration of Independence.
b) Opposing views on what should be written in the Constitution.
c) Opposing views on the Bill of Rights.
d) Opposing views on the role of the federal government.

The Federalist papers
a) were written so people would not accept the constitution.
b) were written to encourage people to support the king of England.
c) were written in support of the constitution.
d) encourage people to support the revolution against England.

The Declaration of Independence focuses on the idea that government should be based on
a) a constitutional monarchy.
b) an absolute monarchy.
c) a dictatorship.
d) what the people want.

Enlightenment thinkers believed in all the following except
a) scientific experimentation.
b) focusing on rights for women and slaves.
c) focusing on individual rights.
d) use of reason to understand the world.

Whose ideas influenced the Declaration of Independence?
a) John Smith.
b) Thomas Hobbes.
c) Ben Franklin.
d) John Locke.

The folloiwng helped the American colonists defeat the British
a) strong British military leadership.
b) support of the French.
c) strength of the American navy.
d) lack of the number of colonial men willing to fight.

Why did Great Britain start taxing the Colonists after the French and Indian War?
a) They felt the English were paying too much in taxes and needed to decrease them.
b) Spain increased their taxing on the colonists so the British felt they should do the same.
c) They needed to pay off their war debt from the French and Indian War.
d) They were looking to expand their empire and needed money to do it.

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