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Which of the following is an economic vlaue to a forest?
a) provide wood
b) prevent soil erosion
c) decrease flooding
d) regulate the water cycle

Prescribed burns are fires that
a) are made by lightening
b) set and controlled by humans
c) go out of control
d) increase risk of injury

The Earth is covered by ____% of forests.
a) 10
b) 20
c) 30
d) 40

If a wood product is certified by the FSC then it was made
a) using sustainable methods
b) from trees in a national forest
c) because consumers demanded it
d) from recycled plastic

When resources are harvested while reducing the effects on the rest of the ecosystem that is
a) maximum sustainable yield
b) ecosystem-based mgmt
c) renewable resource mgmt
d) money mgmt

Deforestation happens in developing countries because
a) they have endless trees to give
b) they build alot of houses
c) they use the trees as a source of income
d) they don't need alot of oxygen due to low population

Most logging in the US occurs
a) on private land
b) in national forests
c) in the coral reef
d) in major cities

A negative effect of suppressing a fire is
a) a house will not get burned
b) the ecosystem will grow and develop
c) building up of fuel for a future fire
d) fireman lose their jobs

When a forest is cleared and then used for another purpose that is known as
a) deforestation
b) clear cutting
c) tree planting
d) biodiversity

Which of the following is the number one cause of pollution in a forest?
a) acid rain
b) animal waste
c) leaf removing
d) littering

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