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A train and a car are both traveling at 55 mph. Why is it easier to stop the car?
a) The train is longer than the car.
b) The car was not traveling as fast as the train.
c) The train has different type of breaking system.
d) The car has less mass that is resisting the change of motion.

What happens when two forces act in the same direction?
a) They cancel each other out.
b) The stronger one prevails.
c) They add together.
d) Their sum divided by two is the total force.

Which type of vehicle will speed up more quickly?
a) bus
b) garbage truck
c) small car
d) train

A car and a bus are traveling down a road at the exact same speed. They both come to a stop light. Why does it take the bus longer to stop?
a) The bus has more mass than the car
b) The bus is longer than the car
c) The car has a different type of motor
d) The car has less gasoline in it

What is the force you have to overcome to start an object moving?
a) friction
b) motion
c) gravity
d) speed

A trip takes approximately 2 hours and covers approximately 1900 km. Which of the following best describes the speed of the jet's flight?
a) 475 km/h
b) 950 km/h
c) 1900 km/h
d) 3800 km/h

If you know a car traveled 400 kilometers in 5 hours, what can you calculate?
a) acceleration
b) direction
c) average speed
d) velocity

If a bicyclist travels 30 kilometers in 2 hours, what would her average speed be?
a) 30 km/h
b) 60 km/h
c) 15 km/h
d) 2 km/h

If you know the distance an object has traveled in a certain amount of time, what can you determine?
a) the size of the object
b) the speed of the object
c) the location of the object
d) the velocity of the object

A train that travels 100 km in 4 hours is traveling at what average speed?
a) 104 km/h
b) 100 km/h
c) 25 km/h
d) 2 km/h

If there is a horizontal line on a time-distance graph what does this show?
a) there is no motion
b) the speed is increasing
c) the speed is slowing down
d) traveling at a steady speed

What type of graph shows the speed of an object?
a) time-distance graphs
b) motion graph
c) acceleration graph
d) bar graph

To describe velocity you need to know
a) speed and time
b) speed and direction
c) inertia and gravity
d) friction and time

An object is in __________ when its distance from another object is changing.
a) motion
b) reference point
c) velocity
d) time

A _____________ is a place or object used to determine if an object is in motion.
a) velocity
b) speed
c) reference point
d) motion

A NASCAR driver may travel over 160 miles per hour. This is known as their __________.
a) direction
b) time
c) distance
d) speed

If there is a constant increasing slope on a time-distance graph what does this show?
a) The speed of the object continued to increase.
b) The distance of the object traveled was the same
c) The speed of the object changed each minute of travel
d) The speed of the object was constant

Billy rides his bike at a speed of 5 miles per hour. It takes him 2 hours to get home. How far does he live from the gas station he went to?
a) 10 miles
b) 15 miles
c) 20 miles
d) 50 miles

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