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When measuring a substance the _____________ digit is an estimated digit.
a) first
b) last
c) digit before the decimal
d) digit after the decimal

The particles in a snow globe represent a
a) suspension
b) solution
c) compound
d) homogenous mixture

The nucleus was discovered by ______________ when he found that __________.
a) Mendeleev.... atomic mass increases with atomic number
b) Mendeleev....atomic number increases with atomic mass
c) Rutherford...... alpha particles deflected back
d) Rutherford ...... gamma particles have no mass

Which scientist based periodic on atomic NUMBER?
a) Mendeleev
b) Mosley
c) Meyer
d) Rutherford

Electrons were discovered using which piece of equipment?
a) cathode ray tube
b) geiger counter
c) cloud chamber
d) nuclear reactor

The third period of the period table contains
a) s block only
b) p block only
c) s, d and f blocks
d) s and p blocks

Which is NOT true of ionic compounds
a) they have a crystalline structure
b) they are usually in a gaseous state
c) they have high melting points
d) electrons are transferred

How do you determine the relative polarity of a molecule?
a) The farther the elements are from fluorine, the more polar they are
b) Non-polar molecules are ionic
c) Subtract the atomic masses
d) Add the number of protons

The symbol after a formula indicates
a) the coefficient
b) the ratio of atoms
c) the number of moles
d) the state of matter

Which bond is the LEAST polar?
a) P--O
b) Na--Cl
c) Li --Cl
d) Ca--F

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