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Which technique can not be used to add a control to an application in the Visual Studio IDE?
a) Right-click an existing control in the desgin surface and select Add.
b) Drag a control from the Toolbox to the design surface.
c) Edit the XAML file.
d) Edit the code-behind file.

Most button and selection controls derive from which of the following classes?
a) TextBlock
b) ContentControl
c) Panel
d) ItemsSource

When populating a collection, which method is most commonly used?
a) Get
b) Put
c) List
d) Add

Which of the following lets you locate controls in a specific location using x and y coordinates in pixels?
a) Grid
b) StackPanel
c) Canvas
d) TextBlock

Which property is a character string that displays at the bottom of the back of a Tile and is 39 characters or less?
a) Title
b) BackTitle
c) BackContent
d) BackBackgroundImage

To ensure readability by a large audience, what is the minimum font size you should use in Windows Phone applications?
a) 10 Point
b) 15 point
c) 18 point
d) 20 point

Which of the following is similar in concept to CSS?
a) Styles
b) StackPanels
c) Data templates
d) Collections

The style properties of a theme include which of the following?
a) Header size
b) Grid layout
c) Background color
d) Accent color

Which color can you not use as accent colors in a theme?
a) Brown
b) Skyblue
c) Green
d) Orange

Which of the following is not true of design templates for Windows Phone 7?
a) They are Adobe Photoship files.
b) They are actual templates you can open in the Visual Studio IDE
c) They showcase controls from the WindowsPhone SDK and the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit.
d) They use the Metro style.

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