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Anything that has mass and takes up space is called...
a) volume
b) length
c) mass
d) matter

To calculate density, you need to...
a) divide the mass of an object by its volume
b) multiply an object's mass and volume together
c) divide the volume of an object by its mass
d) subtract the final mass from the starting mass

There are __________ grams in one kilogram
a) 10
b) 100
c) 1,000
d) 10,000

The metric units for measuring volume are
a) inches
b) grams
c) meters
d) cubic centimeters and mililiters

If I have a meter-long piece of string, I could also say that the string is ________ long.
a) 0.5 kilometers
b) 1,000 millimeters
c) 100 decimeters
d) 10 centimeters

I measure weight with a ___________.
a) spring scale
b) electronic balance
c) meter stick
d) graduated cylinder

Which is larger, a 0.05 kg piece of gold or a 50 gram piece of gold?
a) There is not enough information to tell
b) 50 g piece of gold
c) 0.05 kg piece of gold
d) Trick question! They are the same mass of gold!

Another name for the metric system is...
a) the European system
b) the scientific method
c) the international system of units (SI)
d) the standard system

I have two jars of water, one large and one small. What is true about both of the containers of water?
a) They will boil at the same temperature
b) They will freeze at the same temperature
c) They contain the same chemical substance inside them (water)
d) All of the above

Scientists use the __________ temperature scale.
a) Celsius
b) Fahrenheit
c) scientific
d) metric

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