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I was King of Thailand that kept the nation neutral during the Age of Imperialism
a) King Mongkut
b) King Zulu
c) Shaka Zulu
d) King Siam

I set up Cuban concentration camps during the Cuban Uprising
a) General Roosevelt
b) Arthur McCarthur
c) King Mongkut
d) General Weyler

The belief that the White Race/ English speaking people had the right to colonize the rest of the World
a) Social Darwinism
b) Anglo Saxonism
c) The White Mans Trouble
d) Racism

The second independent nation in Africa, a liberation colony for freed slaves
a) Libya
b) Kenya
c) Liberia
d) Etheopia

Passive Resistance
a) Ghandi
b) Mongkut
c) Roosevelt
d) Shaka Zulu

You would never want to be imperialized this way
a) Annex
b) protectorate
c) commonwealth
d) colony

This system wa created in South Africa due to the Age of Imperialism
a) Boer Concentration Camps
b) Aparthied
c) Zulu Rainforests
d) Zulu Boer Republics

a) Indian National Congress
b) Indian National Convent
c) Indian National Cooperation
d) Iowa Needles Convention

Sensational Journalism
a) Yellow Journalism
b) Black Humor
c) Tabloid funnies
d) Red Journalism

The Imperial Empires came to an end after this War
a) WWI
c) Boer War
d) Sepoy Rebellion

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