Quarter 3 Benchmark Test Question Preview (ID: 1708)

All Skills Learned In Quarter 3. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

When recording observations:
a) add your opinion
b) record what you actually see and hear
c) add why they behaved the way they did
d) decide if you feel it is important enough to record

An anecdotal record would be most helpful for noting:
a) a child's imaginative method of solving a problem
b) how good their vocabulary is
c) which children are the quietest
d) how many know a circle

To observe children effectively:
a) get their attention often
b) try to talk to them
c) sit as close as possible
d) use a one-way mirror if available

Child care professionals observe children's behavior for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:
a) to get to know them
b) helps them learn about child development
c) it reveals a child's attitude toward the observer
d) help to correct specific problems

Appropriate art activities for children emphasize all of the following skills EXCEPT:
a) following directions
b) observations
c) making decisions
d) eye-hand coordination

The BEST example of an open-ended art activity is:
a) building a house from a kit
b) cutting out triangles
c) coloring a picture from a coloring book
d) making a print from sponge shapes

The scribbles stage of artistic development is characterized by:
a) a progression from random drawings to definite patterns
b) making a pattern
c) drawings that look like actual pictures
d) small details they create

Each of the following approaches to art by an early childhood educator is positive EXCEPT:
a) saying Would you tell me about your project
b) giving a grade for the project
c) displaying their work
d) focusing on process rather than product

The item LEAST likely to be used in a collage is
a) macaroni
b) pine cones
c) pictures
d) thumbtacks

A teacher might demonstrate the principle of process versus product by:
a) helping chldren experiment with mixing paint colors to create a picture
b) drawing the hard parts for them
c) telling them to trace your picture
d) draw circles by tracing

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