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The main reason that Persia's emperor Darius used the Royal Road was
a) to move mail
b) promote trade
c) move troops
d) help unite the empire

What do we call a self governing city and its surrounding areas?
a) a city-state
b) an open city
c) a society
d) a government

An example of exile was when the Chaldeans
a) held Hebrews captive in Babylon for 50 years
b) seized the city of Jerusalem from the Hebrews
c) joined with the Medes to defeat the Assyrians
d) burned the city of Nineveh to the ground

The people who were most cruel when conquering and governing an empire were the
a) Persians
b) Assyrians
c) Medes
d) Babylonians

Which ruler created the first written set of laws to help him rule his empire?
a) Sargon
b) Hammurabi
c) Cyrus
d) Darius

The region of land that stretches between the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf is called the
a) Fertile Crescent
b) Holy land
c) Persian Empire
d) Big Empire

Who built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?
a) Cyrus
b) Sargon
c) Darius
d) Nebuchadnezzar II

The purpose of tribute was to
a) praise the gods for a great harvest
b) bring money and goods into an empire's treasury
c) punish people who tried to rebel
d) please the gods for protection

Who created the world's first Empire?
a) Medes
b) Cyrus
c) Hammurabi
d) Sargon

Hammurabi's Code is
a) a system for translating cuneiform
b) laws the people of Babylon had to follow
c) four books from the bible
d) a set of signals for Babylonian soldiers to use

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