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Which of the following is used to enable user interactivity in an HTML5 document?
a) C#
b) CSS
c) JavaScript
d) VB

Which of the following are most important to be shared and discussed with a customer at or near the beginning of an application development project?
a) Project checklist
b) Design document
c) Alpha and beta testing
d) Icon choice for the app store

What does the X in XAML refer to?
a) Extra
b) Extensible
c) XL
d) Excellent

Which of the following uses a doctype declaration?
a) HTML5
b) C#
c) VB

Which Windows Phone control displays Bing maps?
a) TextBlock
b) Image
c) Map
d) MediaElement

Which technology is the best choice for a 3D game that will include sprites and textures?
a) Silverlight
b) XNA
c) HTML5
d) JavaScript

Which of the following languages is most similar to C#?
a) VB
b) JavaScript
c) C++
d) Python

Which technology is the best choice for an event-drivien business application?
a) Silverlight
b) XNA
c) HTML5
d) JavaScript

C# and VB are examples of which of the following?
a) Object-oriented programming languages
b) Mobile application development platforms
c) Scripting languages
d) Managed code

Which methods does the XNA framework use?
a) Manipulate and Update
b) Draw and Loop
c) Update and Draw
d) Update, Draw, and all methods used in Silverlight

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