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If you want to apply changes to all slides regardless of the layout, you must make those changes to the ____________________, which appears at the top of the layout thumbnails.
a) Slide master
b) Master Layout Slide
c) Master Layout
d) Master Slide

A(n) ____________________ is the same text that appears at the bottom of every slide.
a) header
b) footer
c) callout
d) slide text outline

The ____________________ feature enables you to achieve consistency on all slides in a presentation.
a) slide master
b) master layout slide
c) slide layout
d) slide presentation

By creating multiple Slide Masters, you can create different ____ themes and apply them to one or more slides in your presentation.
a) plan
b) format
c) design
d) system

When you preserve a Slide Master, a ____ icon appears next to the slide in the slide tab.
a) pushpin
b) tack
c) staple
d) nail

The ____ Master option allows you to save your Slide Master so that you do not lose it and all of the settings you applied to it.
a) Maintain
b) Keep
c) Save
d) Preserve

When you access Slide Masters, each layout’s master is displayed as a(n) ____ to the left of the slide pane, and Slide Master tools are displayed on a Slide Master tab on the Ribbon.
a) thumbnail
b) watermark
c) outline
d) sketch

To insert a date or time that is not updated automatically, click the ____ option button and enter the date or time you want displayed.
a) Date
b) Time
c) Permanent
d) Fixed

Slide Masters are defined by the ____ theme.
a) selected
b) special
c) master
d) applied

You can include ____ that you want in the footer area on individual slides or all slides.
a) slide numbers
b) the date or time
c) other text
d) all of the above

To have the date or time update automatically each time you open the presentation, click the Update automatically option button.
a) True
b) False
c) Both
d) Neither

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