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Which of the following best describes electrons in the quantum mechanical model of the atom?
a) electrons travel in circles around the nucleus.
b) electrons travel in waves around the nucleus.
c) electrons have the same mass as protons.
d) electrons do not exist in the quantum theory.

True or False: Most of an atom is filled with empty space.
a) True
b) False

All atoms of the same element share the same number of _____.
a) electrons
b) neutrons
c) protons
d) none of the above

The charge of an ion is defined as _____.
a) protons minus electrons
b) electrons minus protons
c) protons plus neutrons
d) protons minus neutrons

Horizontal rows in the periodic table are called _____.
a) columns
b) families
c) groups
d) periods

Elements are most similar with other elements that are ____.
a) in the same period
b) in the same group
c) in different periods
d) in different groups

Electrons are in a defined region of space close to the nucleus called ____.
a) electron cloud
b) neutrons
c) ion
d) cytoplasm

Most of the mass of an atom is determined by the number of ________.
a) protons only
b) protons and neutrons
c) protons and electrons
d) electrons only

Vertical columns in the periodic table are called ________.
a) groups
b) periods
c) metals
d) isotopes

Based on its location in the periodic table, which of the following is classified as a metal?
a) nitrogen
b) sulfur
c) carbon
d) sodium

On the periodic table, an element's atomic number is the number of ______________ in its nucleus.
a) electrons
b) protons
c) neutrons
d) isotopes

The periodic table is organized so chemists can easily see
a) The color of each element
b) The importance of each element
c) The atomic number and weight of each element
d) The smell and taste of each element

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