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A graduated cylinder measures--
a) Length in Meters
b) Mass in Grams
c) Liquid volumes in liters and mililiters
d) force and motion

Energy levels in an atom hold--
a) neutrons
b) protons
c) the nucleus
d) electrons

Which example represents a chemical change?
a) cracking an egg
b) Beating an egg
c) frying an egg

Newton's 1st law of motion says an object will stay in motion unless an ________________ force acts on it.
a) Strong
b) Balanced
c) Weak
d) Unbalanced

f= m x a represents which law of motion?
a) Newton's 1st Law
b) Newton's 2nd Law
c) Newton's 3rd Law

What is the atomic number of lithium?
a) 7
b) 2
c) 3
d) 1

Increasing air restistance-
a) Makes objects fall faster
b) slows the fall of objects down
c) increases inertia
d) reduces an objects mass

The negatively charged particle that's found outside the nucleus is--
a) an electron
b) a proton
c) a nueutron

According the the laws for the Bohr Model, how many electrons can the first shell hold?
a) 3
b) 2
c) 8
d) 18

In a chemical equation which side of the yield sign will you find the reactants?
a) The right side
b) The left Side

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