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Trilobites can be used to study the passage of geologic time because_______.
a) their physical features changed throughout time
b) they lived throughout the Paleozoic Era
c) they burrowed into sediments
d) they lived in oceans

A trace fossil is all of these except
a) bones
b) footprints
c) burrows

Index fossils are
a) lived for a short period of time in a wide area
b) lived in many different generations
c) lived for a long time
d) lived in many different rock layers

Examples of Permineralized Remains
a) minerals that fill in spaces in bone and other hard parts
b) footprints
c) mold and cast
d) insect in amber

Examples of Original Remains
a) Insect in Amber
b) burrows left behind by ancient worms
c) t- rex tooth
d) T-rex leg bone

What does a fossil need to form?
a) Quick burial and hard parts
b) Bones and microorganisms
c) Not to be covered quickly to decompose
d) Availability to scavengers

Everything is made up of ______
a) Carbon
b) Nitrogen
c) Oxygen
d) Potasssium

What principle states that the oldest rock layer is on the bottom?
a) Superposition
b) Correlation
c) Absolute Dating
d) Uniformity

Gaps in the rock layers are
a) Unconformities
b) Index Fossils
c) Half Lives
d) None of the above

The best evidence that two land areas were once connected is the discovery that both have land masses
a) have the same climate
b) are in the same stage of sucession
c) exist along the same line of longitude
d) have similar rocks and fossils

A type of fossil that is the hollow shape of an organism
a) Mold
b) Cast
c) Permineralized Remians
d) Trace Fossils

Carbon Fim is
a) A thin film left behind when sediment covers an organism.
b) an imprint of an animal in rock
c) the bones of a once living organism
d) the fur of an animal

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