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What are 3 ways to transfer heat?
a) convection, conduction, radiation
b) conduction, radiation, oven
c) stove, convection, sun
d) radiation, sun tan, sun burn

Appliances such as a dryer or oven are an example of:
a) conduction
b) radiation
c) convection
d) chores

A metal spoon heated by stirring hot cocoa is an example of:
a) nice winter day
b) radiation
c) convection
d) conduction

A pot of WATER on the stove begins to boil is an example of:
a) convection
b) radiation
c) nice pasta dinner
d) conduction

Mr. Zalasky gets burnt by the sun at the beach is an example of:
a) conduction
b) terrible day at the beach
c) radiation
d) convection

Heat from our closest star travels by:
b) convection
c) radiation
d) heat

The word thermal means:
a) heat
b) hot soup
c) radiation
d) cold

Heat always moves from a ___________ object to a colder object
a) colder
b) smaller
c) bigger
d) warmer

Heat travels through liquids and gases by:
a) conduction
b) the subway
c) radiation
d) convection

Heat from a campfire can ___________ outward and warm us.
a) radiate
b) burn
c) cool
d) hot

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