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In the fish tank at Wal-Mart, the ratio of single tailed goldfish to double tailed goldfish is 4:7. If there are 132 fish in the tank, how many of the goldfish are single tailed?
a) 48 single tailed
b) 48 double tailed
c) 56 single tailed
d) 45 single tailed

Elizabeth rides her bike every day after school. She rode for 2 1/2 miles from 8:15 am. to 8:40 am. How many miles per hour was she going?
a) 62.5 miles per hour
b) 65 miles per hour
c) 8 miles per hour
d) 6 miles per hour

Students were asked to vote for their favorite subject in school. Thirty percent voted for social studies, fifteen percent said science, 40 percent chose reading. The rest voted for math. What is the ratio of students who voted math to reading?
a) 8 to 3
b) 3 to 8
c) 1 to 1
d) 1 to 2

At Mickey Mouse Middle School, the ratio of boys to girls is 4:5. If there are 900 students in the school, how many of the students are boys?
a) 500 boys
b) 700 boys
c) 400 boys
d) 600 boys

It takes 3/4 of a gallon of paint to cover 1/5 of a wall. If you are painting a room with all 4 walls with the same dimensions, how much paint will you need.
a) 3.75 gallons
b) 12 gallons
c) 15 gallons
d) 18 gallons

Bisquiteen Trisket can paint 1/3 of a room in 10 minutes. How many rooms can he paint in 6 hours?
a) 10 rooms
b) 12 rooms
c) 2 rooms
d) 8 rooms

Blyrone Blashington rode his bike 3/4 of a mile from 9:15 am. to 9:30 am. What was his speed in miles per hour?
a) 3 miles
b) 2 miles
c) 4 miles
d) 5 miles

Equine Ducklings uses 2/5 gallons of paint to cover 3/4 of a wall. If you paint 6 walls with the same dimensions, how much paint will you need?
a) 3.4 gallons
b) 3.2 gallons
c) 3.6 gallons
d) 3.8 gallons

Eggsquizitine Buble-schwinslow can paint 1/4 of a room from 7:20 pm to 7:40 pm. How many rooms could he paint in 4 hours?
a) 6 gallons
b) 5 gallons
c) 4 gallons
d) 3 gallons

Ladennifer Jadaniston travels on his bike for 4 1/4 miles from 6:15 am to 6:45 am. How fast was he going in miles per hour?
a) 8.5 miles per hour
b) 8 miles per hour
c) 7.5 miles per hour
d) 9 miles per hour

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