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Tommy borrowed $500 from his brother. If he had $670 in the account at the end of 4 years. What was the interest rate?
a) 8.5%
b) 9.5%
c) 8%
d) 10.5%

There is a Hunger Games club and 30% of them went to Los Angeles for the premier. If this represented 18 people, how many people are in the Hunger Games Club?
a) 6 people
b) 60 people
c) 50 people
d) 24 people

A pair of shoes is $50. It is currently on sale for 30% off. If the tax was 9.25%, what was the final bill for the shoes?
a) $39.24
b) $35
c) $38.24
d) $37.56

In order to make money at at concession stand, drinks were purchased for $0.85 each. The price was marked up by 125% before selling them. What is the selling price for each drink?
a) $1.06 each
b) $1.91 each
c) $0.21 each
d) $1.84 each

Bismo Funyons borrowed $900. If he payed $1237.50 after 3 years, what was the interest rate?
a) 14.5%
b) 12%
c) 12.5%
d) 13%

There is a Tarheel Fan club. 25% of the Fan club went to the sweet sixteen to see them play. If this represented 25 members, how many members are in the Tarheel Fan club?
a) 20 members
b) 31 members
c) 90 members
d) 100 members

Mergatroid Skittle borrowed $1,800. If he paid $2304 at the end of 5 years, what is the interest rate?
a) 5.6%
b) 5.9%
c) 5.3%
d) 5.1%

There is a Mac Club. 20% went to a Mac summer camp. If 17 people went to Mac summer camp, how many are in the Mac Club?
a) 90 people
b) 85 people
c) 20 people
d) 70 people

To make money at a concession stand, sour patch kids were bought for $0.95 a pack. The mark up before selling them was 105%. What is the selling price of each pack?
a) $1.95 each
b) $1.00 each
c) $1.75 each
d) $1.84 each

Goolius Boozler borrowed $1600. After 8 years, he had to pay back $2688. What was the interest rate?
a) 6.5%
b) 9.5%
c) 7.5%
d) 8.5%

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