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If an electron dot structure has only TWO dots, the element must be
a) Na
b) Cl
c) Al
d) Mg

A covalent compound would most likely contain
a) sodium and chlorine
b) sulfure and oxygen
c) magnesium and nitrogen
d) lithium and oxygen

The oxygen atom usually has a charge (oxidation number) of
a) +1
b) +2
c) -2
d) -6

Nitrogen has _____________ valence electrons
a) 5
b) 4
c) 3
d) 1

A metal and a non metal usually form a(n)
a) cation
b) anion
c) ionic bond
d) covalent bond

Two non-metals usually form and bond in which
a) electrons are transferred
b) electrons are shared
c) there are no electrons
d) a noble gas is formed

Which atom is most likely to have the largest atomic radius?
a) Na
b) Al
c) S
d) Cl

The octet rule states that in order for an atom to be state,
a) there are 10 valence electrons
b) there are 8 neutrons in the outermost energy level
c) there are 8 protons in the outermost energy level
d) there are 8 electrons in the outermost energy level

If an atom GAINS an electron
a) it has a charge of +1
b) it is a cation
c) it has a charge of -1
d) the charge remains unchanged

An atom with 12 electrons, 12 protons and 11 neutrons would have a mass number of
a) 11
b) 12
c) 23
d) 24

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