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Which OLED-related technique can you perform to conserve a Windows PHone device's energy?
a) Disable the camera feature.
b) Create a UI that uses a dark color scheme.
c) Create a UI that uses a light color scheme.
d) Disable the orientation switch feature.

Which API do you use to create apps that take photos, use flash mode, and use the shutter button?
a) Windows Phone Webcam API
b) Windows Phone Camera API
c) Capture Source
d) none of the above

Which of hte following properties is used when programming an app to display content in either portrait or landscape orientation?
a) LandscapeOrPortrait
b) OrientationSwitch
c) ScrollViewer
d) SupportedOrientations

Which API is used to simplify combined motion data?
a) Accelerator API
b) Motion API
c) Gyroscope Motion API
d) Silverlight API

Which sensor is available on all windows Phone devices?
a) Accelerometer
b) Compass
c) Gyroscope Camera
d) Camera

You are creating an app for Windows Phone OS 7.0. Which tool can you use to test the application's capabilities?
a) Windows Phone Capability Detection Tool
b) Windows Phone Marketplace Test Kit
c) Windows PHone Marketplace
d) Silverlight

Which of the following is not included in the Windosw PHone SDK?
a) Visual Studio2010 Express for Windows Phone
b) Silverlight for Windows Phone
c) Windows PHone Emulator
d) Zune software

Which command is used by the Windows Phone Capability Detection Tool?
a) detectfeatures
b) rulesdetection
c) capabilitydetection
d) none of the above

Which term best describes the user interface (UI) style used by Windows PHone OS?
a) Metro
b) Cosmopolitan
c) Clean
d) Windows 7

What is the name of the Windows Phone application manifest file?
a) WPConnect.xml
b) WMAppManifest.xml
c) Rules.xml
d) WMAppManifest.sln

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