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Which component is not a primary element of the HTML5 family?
a) XML
c) CSS
d) JavaScript

JavaScript is a type of:
a) Program compiler
b) Markup language
c) Scripting language
d) Validator

All of the following are true of HTML5 except:
a) It requires Windows 8
b) It can be used to create Web apps and PC and device apps
c) It is platform-independent
d) It is built on an open standard

Which operating systerm environment allows a developer to access a camera or webcam?
a) Local Storage
b) WinRT
c) the session state
d) Metro

Your are developing a Metro style app and want the app to access another app. Where do you declare the interaction?
a) App manifest
b) CSS
c) At the top of the HTML file
d) Nowhere; you do not have to declare the interaction

Which of the following is used to create an app package?
a) JavaScript
b) CSS
c) DOM
d) An app development tool

Which API allows programs and scripts to update content, structure, and stles on the fly?
a) JavaScript
b) WinRT
c) The DOM
d) RTE

AppCache, localStorage, and sessionStorage are forms of:
a) Web storage
b) HTML commands
c) Standards
d) Namespaces

Which of the following does not usually work well with multi-touch environments and sould be disabled?
a) Tracking
b) Zooming
c) Scrolling
d) Gesturing

Which tool is a type of validator that tests your app on your computer before you attempt to package and publish it to the Windows Store?
a) WinRT
b) Windows 8
c) W3C Markup Validation Service
d) Windows App Certification Kit

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